Hi, my name is Breanna (known as FitBodyBre on social media) and I'm your health & wellness ambassador! My parents raised me to be a strong, independent, and empowered woman. I was raised as an athlete and a competitor. Growing up I played on an all boys basketball team and on varsity teams as a freshman for basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball. I participated in college club lacrosse and pretty much every intramural sport you can think of. I also had the opportunity to compete semiprofessionally in women's tackle football, and became nationally qualified in bikini bodybuilding.  Before I knew it I had become a role model within the community for being healthy & active, and a walking example of female empowerment.

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Currently, I help educate & motivate women with busy lifestyles to lose stubborn weight (3-15 lbs.), gain muscle, and enhance their feminine figure. I turn your goals into fitness transformation challenges so that we can reach results as a group and continue to encourage one another. My challenges typically include a 4-6 week gym or at home workout split with weight training, cardio, HIT, plyometrics, and abs, but also nutrition guidance. Let's create a healthy lifestyle that allows you to reach your fitness and health goals while enjoying your favorite foods and cocktails!

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Health & Wellness Ambassador